VIDEOzilla 3.7

A complete video conversion solution for video files
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Converting between video formats has become frequently used as there are so many formats and devices around. VideoZilla will help you convert video files right from the system’s contextual menu.

This program’s interface is quite different from those of other converters because the process is quite different, too. Most converters will start by asking you to select the files to convert and then set the conversion profiles. However, VideoZilla is used rather differently. If you start the program by clicking on its icon, you will receive instructions regarding the use of the right click for conversion, and you will also be able to set the conversion parameters for each of the supported formats. This has the advantage that you will not need to further set this task every time you want to convert a file or group of files. As a result, except from the settings window, you will hardly need to interact with the program’s interface.
If you right-click on a video file from Windows Explorer after installing the application, you will find that some new options have been added to the existing ones. There will be the Convert button, which you can click to select the target format or to re-configure the settings. In addition, there will be another option to use VideoZilla’s simple but fancy player to view the selected video.

In general, VideoZilla offers a different way to convert video. In this respect, we can expect some users to love this procedure while others may still prefer the more traditional way.

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  • It is easy to use
  • It supports various video formats
  • It supports batch conversion


  • My antivirus software detected it as a potentially harmful application
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